Chairman - Omar Abdel Rahim

MA in Industrial Management from the American University in Cairo (1973). Over 50 years of experience in the field of essential oils, fragrances and flavours. He started business as sole agent in Egypt for several international companies (Mero & Boyveau- Grass / Zimmerman Hobbs- UK / Henkel Düsseldorf / CPL Aromas UK). In 1983 he established Delta Aromatic Factory.

General Manager – Joaquin Lanz

More than 40yrs experience in all fields of fragrances and flavors industry. Professionally, started in 1970 in Norda Schimmel (Now Givaudan). Later, in 1972, he moved to Florasynth Inc. for 24yrs – until 1995 when company was merged with Haarmann & Reimer (H&R), today known as Symrise. He was sent to South America to lead Andean Region (Venezuela, Colombia, Peru and Ecuador) In 2001, he was transferred to Mexico, to lead the Flavor business for North & Central America. Since, 2010 he joined Delta Aromatic in Egypt. Holding the responsibility of G.M.