Depending on Delta Aromatic rich raw material stores – more than 2500 different aroma chemicals and essential oils. Delta perfumers are creating best fragrances for different applications (refer to library of fragrances).  Perfumers make best imitations of international brands and also make their own creations. Price ranges from high to low, depending on concentration of fragrance, beauty of fragrances and also stability in finished products.

Delta Aromatic produces its fragrances in different concentration :

1)           NS     No solvent fragrances.

              Expensive per kilo but less expensive per batch of finished product .

2)           G       Gold collection .

              50% NS

              50% Solvent

              Easy to market , due to its reasonable price .

3)           S       Silver collection .

              25% NS

              75% Solvent

              For traders who are re-selling to very small factories ,who care much about price of fragrance .

4)           LEX super       A concentrated version of the LEX collection, water soluble.


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